Sanjay Kumar Modi

B. Tech Mechanical Engineer with added management qualification having over 25 years of professional experience in developing and sustaining business growth for various Indian & multi-national Organizations in India. Sanjay has vast experience of New Business Development, Positioning, branding, Marketing & Sales, Project Management, Design & Engineering capabilities, operation & customer relationships. Sanjay’s biggest achievement is customer satisfaction and customer retention. This helps, in one hand to customer not to make frequent changes of vendors and in other hand repeat business for the company with negligible marketing cost resulting more profitability to customer. Sanjay’s wide exposure to deal with multi-national companies and Indian corporate companies by understanding their method of working and expectation of project.


An architect, with active participation in architecture & detailing skill, urban planning & self motivated individual. Niharika has acute knowledge of versatile architectural solutions and she is capable to offer various options to architectural need of the customer within steel domain. Niharika’s understanding to suggest greener material for steel construction helps customer to go green.

Sarthak Modi

A B.TECH student with active participation in Engineering & civil construction, project planning & self-initiative individual.