SMODI INFRASTEEL offers end to end solutions other than product delivery vide various added service options to reduce the interfaces of the project which helps in smooth functioning and minimum wastage of time in decision making due to interface.

Purpose of this extended services are to minimize communication gap and waste of time in the project for smooth planning co-ordination and execution. This also reduces the decision making time to a great extent.

Over the years, it has been experienced that in every project due to multiple agencies and isolated decisions results in many confusions, clarifications gap and delays in most of the projects which directly or indirectly affects the project performance and the investor becomes the sufferer. In order to avoid such gaps, SMODI INFRASTEEL has come up with this concept so that project owner should not suffer.


SMODI INFRASTEEL offers following added services :

  • Feasible study of the overall project
  • Architectural solution and options
  • Building layout and planning considering bylaws requirement.
  • Design of foundation and other civil work.
  • MEP work through outsourcing
  • Project Management consultancy¬†¬† for overall project.
  • Project Execution and commissioning